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About this App

Do you love to sing songs?  Are you passionate about listening to them or creating new duet or solos? If yes!  Then Sing Karaoke Apk is the way to go.

The Application Sing Karaoke Apk   provides users with the ability to record their own songs easily. The user can sing karaoke duets with their favourite celebrity such as Ed Sheeran, Demi Lovato and many more.   The users can also sing along with the Disney characters such as that “Let it go” famous frozen princess or The Little Mermaid.

The application also allows users to add audio and visual effects to the music video that they made.  It also consists of many templates the user can make use of.  These templates give them a bonus start and make it easy for them to create new edits.  The user can create their own profile which they are going to manage on their own. 

This profile is like any other social media account, can follow others as well as left then follow their work. Sing Karaoke Apk Also does not let the user worry about not getting the right pitch as it has an inbuilt Pitch corrector that automatically corrects their pitch whenever it’s going wrong.  In this way it Helps in polishing their singing voice and helps them create a perfect video cover as they want.

The users can then share their edits with their friends and family on different social media accounts due to its compatibility with them.  There are different song books that are present in Sing Karaoke Apk which allows users to choose their own song style like pop, rock, country style, kpop, and many more.

Sing Karaoke Apk