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About this App

Sketch Camera Apk is an editing application that also allows its users to take pictures directly from the app. Sketch Camera Apk was developed by Pixelab web developers. Sketch Camera Apk consists of many amazing and new classy effects that one can add to their photo and make it look attractive.

Sketch Camera Apk consists of many new effects like that of oil painting, charcoal sketching, cartoon effects and other such things. Sketch Camera Apk allows users to even have a look at the preview of the picture or video that is to be taken by applying a particular filter. This gives users a new experience of looking at the world through a different lens. This helps users in choosing their favorite or desired filter at that moment in time.

The filters are easily available at the lower bar. The friendly user interface makes it extremely easy to use the app even if one has used an editing time for the first time in their life. The user also has a control on the effects sharpness or the ballpoint color/Sketch Camera Apk also allows users to save these edits in their gallery. Thus it helps users in posting it onto their social media accounts with ease and increase their following.

Sketch Camera Apk allows users to either click a picture by pressing the button on the screen or by using the volume up and down keys for that purpose. The user may easily import photos that are saved on their device and then endlessly edit them. The users of Sketch Camera Apk can use the easy peesy zoom feature that allows them to zoom in to the picture by just pinching at it.

The pictures come out perfectly fine as the user may use the auto focus feature that gives them pictures in high definition. The app Sketch Camera Apk requires permission to access storage of the user’s phone, media files, camera settings, gallery settings, microphone settings and other device and app settings.


Sketch Camera Apk