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Music has been enjoyed by all the generations whether it was in the early 1700s or the late 1900s. We can analyse from the history of mankind that music has always been the taste of humans. Everyone has a different taste of music or people sometimes listen to the music based on their mood. Music is enjoyed by every age group.

There are many online platforms on which we can listen to music of all sorts. One such app is Spotify. You can listen to various podcasts and songs of all the genres in this app. Moreover, it gets you notified about the songs that you would like to listen to based on your liking. Songs of all the genres and Belonging to different countries are available here in the spotify app. It also makes playlists for you depending on your mood.

It is available for all the platforms whether it is android, IOS, PC, MAC etc. It readily notifies you once the new song of your favourite singer has launched. It has a mighty music store which is much bigger than its rival apps. But it has one con that is Spotify is not available in all the countries.

Spotify Mod APK