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About this App

If you love to post status on your WhatsApp account, then the Status Saver application is just for you because it has many interesting features which can get you multiple things to post on status. This unique app is downloaded by millions of people on the internet that’s why Status Saver app has good ratings. After installing this app on your mobile you don’t have to ask your friend to send you his status.

This app automatically saves all the status of your friends without asking them. You can easily check all status in the media folder of this application. You can save multiple stickers in this application so you don’t need to go anywhere to see stickers. This amazing Status Saver app gives you a room where you can easily check all status and stickers. Simply go to a status and save it within a second.

This application is very light weight because it is fully optimized. That’s why you don’t need big space storage to download it on your device. It has a nice user interface so anyone can easily use it without any complications. You can easily save hundreds of pictures and videos in this app which is a cool feature for sure. Status Saver has quite unique features so let’s have a look at them.

Status Saver APK