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About this App

Storychic is a great app which allows users to create their own stories for social media platforms. Most people use social media accounts because it is common to have social ids. Like WhatsApp, you can add your stories on other Social media accounts and now it seems like a competition to see whose story is better or get more views. That’s why storychic has been introduced to you guys in which you can create beautiful stories for your Instagram accounts.

You can create wonderful stories with the help of your own images. Storychic has a variety of features which you can use to create attractive stories. It’s time to get more and more views on your stories but at first you have to edit your content on storychic. In simple words storychic is a story editor through which you can make creative stories for your social media platforms.

Everyone knows how to add stories but when you edit your stories on storychic, people will get surprised when they see your stories. Give a try to this great app and you will love the features of storychic.

Storychic Mod APK