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About this App

Sweet Selfie Apk allows its users to take amazing selfies and have fun with it. It is a great app for creative photo editors and for people who like to take selfies. It was developed by Ufoto Incorporation. Sweet Selfie Apk app allows users to use the body retouch feature to add more muscle to their body, increase symmetry in body proportion, and fix their face by using the smoothing feature, fixing Nose Bridge, using multiple hairstyles, whiten their teeth and removing pimples and acne marks.

Sweet Selfie Apk is a top notch editing app. It allows users to remove a background and add another background. One can choose their content to be edited from the existing phone gallery. It also allows users to use loads of filters to make their pictures more appealing. It gets the job done in a span of just a few minutes.

Sweet Selfie Apk allows the user to crop or trim their images, add stickers from the sticker library and make their pictures look more creative. Sweet Selfie Apk allows users to make unlimited collages and use grid tool to create more edits. Any beginner with no previous editing knowledge can use templates from the huge collection of templates to create unlimited edits.

 Sweet Selfie Apk provides a quality time for its users by entertaining them as well as keeping the whole editing procedure quite smooth. Sweet Selfie Apk users can share their edits on the various social media platforms such as Facebook, WeChat, Snap Chat, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.

To develop these amazing edits, Sweet Selfie Apk requires permission to access the user’s Images in their device’s gallery as well as to their device’s camera. Other permissions include access to storage of the user’s phone, media files, microphone settings, and device and app history.


Sweet Selfie Apk