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About this App

TapScanner Apk is an interesting app, it is totally same as camscanner.  camscanner is presented by China  and released in 2011. Tap scanner is a camscanner  and PDF creator. any document can be scanned on the android, when you install this amazing app then you don’t need to install any other app to scan the documents.

if you wanted to convert your images into PDF, then just take a picture of your documents from your android and the process is so simple and easy from document to PDF files. Basically, tapscanner is a business tool, which is highly ranked in Google play store. If you are in hurry and you want to scan your documents and at the same time, you do not have any physical scanner. then you just click on the tapscanner Apk your documents  will  be easily changed into PDF.

Tapcamera is a normal and simple camera but the way it converts the documents into PDF is outstanding. another important to mention related this app, is that the data you have searched and download from the internet you can it in the form of PDF, but keeping in mind the data you have saved from internet in the form of PDF file remain in just few minutes.

when you go to install this app on play store you can see millions of positive reviews from the people that shows the good working of this app. Tapscanner is known as business app and it is considered as photography. it converts the simple documents into PDF files.


TapScanner Apk