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About this App

Temp Mail Apk allows users to instantly form a disposable email account to use for receiving any kind of emails. This email application was developed by Privatix Limited. This is a Turkish company located in Nicosia, Cyprus. Using the Temp Mail apk application, one can instantly generate a disposable temporary email address and can use it for sending or receiving emails from different accounts immediately, including photos or any other kind of documents or attachments.

This prevents users from revealing their original email address to everyone. It blocks any kind of malicious activity or spam, advertising mailings, email hacking, as well as any phishing attempts. Due to its 10 minute mail system, the real inbox is kept clean and safe from any spam or clutter. It hides the user’s identity by keeping him anonymous with absolutely no registration or subscription charges of sorts. Temp mail self-destruct feature keeps information safe and confidential.

Temp mail apk enables users to receive multiple or single attachments of documents which can be downloaded directly from the email. It has a multiple language feature which allows any user from any geographical area to access their facilities. Due to emails constantly being safely and securely deleted forever without any recycle bin. One can copy their attachment to a clipboard or can use a QR-code. Temp Mail apk also has a push notification feature of new emails which is super-efficient.

Temp mail apk has been praised by the press in various YouTube videos and social media personalities. Temp Mail apk requires permission to access photos and media files, storage files, camera and internet connections. One can share any kind of data to anyone all around the globe without revealing their identity; this prevents hackers from hacking their confidential and private mails to use for their benefit.

Temp Mail Apk