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About this App

The app Torque Pro Apk provides users with the insights into the car performance.  It allows users to look into the various parts of performance of the car.  The users can make use of it to know about the carbon dioxide emissions or can know about the OBD fault codes.  The user can also reset a DTC fault code which can help them repair the car themselves without having to pay for it.

It has a very massive fault code library that helps almost every car that is present on the face of the planet Earth.  The app also provides support by giving user the customization facility. The app users can choose themes or widgets that they want to display on their dashboard.  These can be used in case of emergency or when they have very little time at hand.  The user can even use this premium version of the app to send the logging information to any e-mail for analysis via the Excel or the open office Reader application.

The app also consists of a heads up display which is available when the user is driving at night.  It has unique compass that does not suffer due to any magnetic interference.  This helps the user in navigating easily as it is GPS based. The app consists of a speedometer, and dynamometer that helps users to know about the speed of the vehicle as well as the rotational movement of it.  This can be used by car owners as well as truck owners with ease.

The app also allows users to use the turbo boost feature for the vehicles that are able to support different sensors such as an MAP sensor and MAF sensor. The app also provides users with alarms and warnings in case their temperature goes above or below the limit.  The user is also able to share their screenshot to Android applications such as Facebook Twitter Google etc.


Torque Pro Apk