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About this App

It happens many times that we take pictures and some blocking object or unwanted objects or background also get captured due to which the whole picture get wasted, as these Minor details cannot be edited with the help of the Hi-Tech editing apps available in the market.

But now you do not need to worry, if any unwanted object get captured in your images because now an app named touch retouch has been introduced. This is a video editing app that is specially build for this purpose. In this app you can edit your photos and remove all the unwanted details from it with just a single touch and you can remove any broken wires, object or a scratch background with the help of TouchRetouch app.

It was developed by ADVA soft. Although it is made for the removal of unwanted objects but you can also edit your photos with it. You can remove even the minor blemishes or pimples from your face and make your skin look more clearer. TouchRetouch has many exciting features to offer. If you want to explore more of them then do read this article. It will definitely help you out learn more things about this app which are yet hidden and unexplored.

TouchRetouch APK