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TubeMate 3 apk that allows its users to download videos particularly from YouTube anytime anywhere in the world. It was developed by DEVIAN STUDIO whose head office lies in Haryana, India. The “3” in the name signifies it being the third application in succession of TubeMate series. It lets its user download videos without collecting any kind of money for its service. The only thing that the user has to pay is their internet bills as it requires good quality internet for use. It is compatible with any type of android device.

TubeMate 3 apk makes it easy for people to locally save videos in their respective devices in order to entertain themselves or use those videos however they like, when no internet is available or they are offline. In this way it reduces or almost finishes the burden of keeping internet service connection 24/7 which also provides one freedom to access videos easily without worrying about internet issues. The application has a very smooth and easy approach. It works just as easy as accessing the desired YouTube video. This is made possible because of the in–app browser feature.

A small arrow is shown below the screen. When making use of the TubeMate 3 apk, one simply has to press it. It will allow one to set the desired resolution and video quality that the person wants the video to be downloaded in. It also allows one to choose the format of their videos before downloading it. The videos are by default stirred in the user’s phone. In case one does not have that much space in their phone memory, so it allows them to save the videos in their SD card. This whole process takes mere seconds to get done. The SD card saving feature helps it to be able to transport it from one device to another. The TubeMate apk requires permission to access the user’s media files to save downloads and use the media player to its full capacity. 3 Apk