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Twitch apk is a live video streaming application that offers one to watch anything they like. Be it sports, games, music or any other genre. It is developed by Twitch Interactive Incorporation. Twitch apk also allows video recording.  Its users are able to record game play videos or other videos using the camera feature without paying even a dime. It allows the users to record live gameplay or any other videos, crop or trim them as it suits them and as well as enables the user to put in a voiceover at the background of the video. It allows one to build their following on it and publish their videos.

Twitch apk consists of a user friendly interface which is simple and easy to operate. One can move through the app freely without getting lost. One of the best things is that it allows users to earn money by monetizing their channels just like YouTube. It also allows them to support other channels by giving them tips. For using its services, one has to make an account on it using their Gmail or any other ID. For paying someone else or collecting money, one has to reach an affiliate level that only is earned when the channel owner reaches a certain level of viewership and related statistics.

It is compatible with all devices such as android phones, personal computers, iOS, and Firestick. Twitch apk believes in providing the best service hence it updates itself on a regular basis. The application requires permission to access phone storage, camera, microphone and draw over other apps. Twitch apk is particularly a good option for gamers or people interested in watching games but it also contains music stream, concert stream and other various options for non-gamers.

Twitch Apk