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About this App

 VHS Camcorder Apk is an editing and recording application that allows its users to have fun in creating edits in a couple of minutes. VHS Camcorder Apk was developed by Rarevision Developers. VHS Camcorder Apk makes the recording even more fun. This app offers in-app purchases and allows users to create amazing edits as much as they like.

VHS Camcorder Apk has a very friendly user interface. It allows its users to record as many pictures or videos as they like. These videos give the 80 and 90’s vibe. VHS Camcorder Apk gives the user that nostalgic feeling and acts as a time machine for memories and thoughts. It takes the user back in time to their younger self. VHS Camcorder Apk has a widescreen option. This option allows users to take grand scale videos without facing any difficulties related to the cutting of the frame.

VHS Camcorder Apk gives off a very classic and retro look. VHS Camcorder Apk has a very easy to operate camera. This camera consists of different buttons that possess their individual characteristics. The user of VHS Camcorder Apk can change the effects and lighting and even apply filters as much as they like. They may import content for editing from different apps. This helps them create unlimited edits. These edits by VHS Camcorder Apk can be shared on different apps with ease.

Due to the in-built VHS Camcorder Apk editor, the user can make use of its amazing services with ease. They may edit their photos that were taken a while back. VHS Camcorder Apk users can also create a fake date of the picture that was taken some time back. This spoof can easily be done.

VHS Camcorder Apk is known for its amazing services as many celebs use it to edit their photos or clink amazing pictures and videos. The app VHS Camcorder Apk requires permission to access storage of the user’s phone, media files, camera settings, microphone settings, and device and app settings.


VHS Camcorder Apk