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About this App

VPN Inf Apk is a very fast speed application that functions as fast as the speed of light or even more than that. It provides free VPN proxy services to its users. The user does not need any kind of subscription or registration of sorts nor do they want any kind of configuration to be done before the VPN Inf Apk usage. VPN Inf Apk does not charge anything for the provision of its good quality services.

VPN Inf Apk encrypts the user’s connection so that any kind of third parties are not able to track their online activity. This process helps make the search as well as the viewing process even more safe and secure. VPN Inf Apk enables users to send as well as receive data across any of the shared or public networks by giving them a masking ID that prevents their IP address or DNS address from getting known to the world. This helps the keen and avid internet users to even secure their Bank transactions and other related personal information.

One can bypass all kinds of locks and censorships to find whatever they like to see or go through. To prevent any kind of disclosure of private information, VPN Inf Apk allows only authenticated remote access by using tunneling protocols and encryption techniques. Most VPN Inf Apk servers are free to use. The Large number of servers with high-speed bandwidth provision, VPN Inf Apk has been helping people all around the globe.

It supports all mobile carriers including 3G, 4G, LTE etc. the no logging policy and a great intuitive interface also helps users to achieve the purpose of keeping their internet search private. In case a VPN Inf Apk connection fails, then one can easily fix this error. The directions are available in the help section. The app requires permission to access storage of the user’s phone, phone dialer settings, media files, Location settings, contact files, and device and app history.

VPN Inf Apk