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A lot of people are fans of watching online videos, movies and tv shows. It is not always possible to watch them on the big screen of TV because you get it somewhere on the android streaming applications. It really disturbs them that they could not find a single way to watch their favorite shows, saved into their smartphones on the big screen of LED TV.

This problem led the developers to come up with a solution that could make people happier. Web Video Caster is a solution that developers have designed for all the streaming lovers. Now you can download this application on your smartphone and TV to connect them with each other. Later you can stream any movie or video file saved on your phone with the help of this application.

Hence whatever the content in your phone is, you can shift it on your TV to watch it no matter if it is a picture, short video, audio file or even a mobile screen. You can operate your smartphone with the help of your TV to watch your favorite video content. There are a lot of amazing features of this application that you would love to learn about. Have a look at those amazing features of Web Video Caster App.

Web Video Caster App APK