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There are literally a number of versions of WhatsApp that are considered the modified ones. The reason behind introducing these versions is to assist the users with those extra features that they cannot find in the original version. WhatsApp is an application that everybody is aware of. It is an online messaging and calling application that works for free with the help of the internet.

Not only this, but there are more options to click the pictures and send in the contacts, share the images, music files, voicenote and videos along with the document files as well. This messenger application has crossed billions of downloads which is obvious because there’ll be hardly a small percentage of people in this world who do not use WhatsApp. The WhatsApp Prime comes with many new features that users always wanted to have in the regular application of WhatsApp.

It provides more customization options, privacy settings, languages and freedom to share large files at the same time. Such kind of features are a dream for every user who wants to experience something new in WhatsApp. There are some brilliant features of this mod version of WhatsApp that you need to know.

WhatsApp Prime