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About this App

WhatsApp is an application that everyone is familiar with. There are so many features in this one application that people can’t help but use this application for communication and sharing media. WhatsApp is an online message and calling messenger app that is downloaded by billions of people. All over the world, this application is used for social communication, office meetings and other tasks.

Hence, communication seems to be impossible anymore without WhatsApp. There are several new modified versions of WhatsApp that people love to use. The reason behind introducing so many mod versions was to provide people with those features in WhatsApp that are lacking in the regular version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Transparent is one of those new versions that people like to download.

This one comes with a transparent screen of WhatsApp which is quite an astonishing and new thing for the users of WhatsApp. There are features like improved performance, more privacy and better convenience. A Lot more features are also found in this version that could be checked in the list given below.

WhatsApp Transparent