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Who doesn’t in the whole world know about WhatsApp? It is a very reliable messaging application that requires your cell phone number to be activated. There are billions of downloads of WhatsApp on Google Play Store and there will hardly be a person who doesn’t use WhatsApp. This simple application has been widely used and has become one of the major platforms to chat with friends and family, share information and send different sorts of media files.

With the application being downloaded and used by billions of people, the developers came up with different versions of it. WhatsAppMA is one of those versions of WhatsApp people really like to use. This is a mod version of WhatsApp that provides more privacy and interface customization options. It is especially designed for those users who need more security and other new features of WhatsApp.

For example if you want to share a file of a bigger size that is usually not allowed on the regular version of WhatsApp, you can do it with the help of WhatsAppMA. There are a number of brilliant features of this new mod version of WhatsApp that deserve your attention. Let’s have a look at those features that people would love.