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About this App

WPSApp Pro apk is an internet security application that provides its service to its users in order to keep their wifi password safe from predators. It is the premium or paid version of WPSApp apk which comes without ads and is able to check the security of the user’s network using WPS protocol. It was developed by TheMauSoft app developer. The WPS protocol, mentioned above, allows users to connect to a Wifi network by using an 8 digit pin number that usually is already defined in the internet router device.

This app WPSApp Pro apk uses these pins to try and check if the network is unprotected. For this purpose, it implements several known algorithms for generating the pin. Not only that but it is also able to calculate default keys for some internet routers, which allows the user to view Wifi passwords that have been stored on the device. The users have to log in to the application and then run a network diagnostic scan to see if their Wifi network connection is safe and secure, or is it unprotected and the hackers can attack easily.

WPSApp Pro apk scans the devices connected to the user network and analyzes the quality of the Wifi channels. In this way one can easily get to know if someone around their neighborhood is stealing their wifi services. It has three different icons such as the Red Cross, the green tick, the question mark which can be seen in the network category. Details of these icons are explained below. To check all of these the user using the app should be a Root user. It is only ten that they would be able to see the passwords, and make use of its amazing services. WPSApp pro apk needs permission to access internet connection settings, and storage settings of the user’s device.

WPSApp Pro Apk