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About this App

Yandex Music APK is a great app for music lovers. Yandex Music APK is published by Yandex app, a Russian company with its head office in Moscow. Being the largest technology group in Russia, Yandex music apk provides its services in the digital department that too completely free of cost. It is originally designed in Russian language but can be switched to English language, thus making it easily accessible by the general public from all around the globe. It allows users to listen to trending songs easily and also allow them to add the songs they like to add to their favorites.

There are millions of songs, tracks, playlists as well as podcasts by various different individuals that broadcast their shows on the platform. Yandex Music apk also recommends playlists to users according to their current moods and allows them to select from various genres available such as rock, pop, jazz etc. Not only this, but it also allows users to add their singles or albums. The entertainment content available on Yandex music apk is exclusively looked into.

The “editor’s choice” section is present in the application. Here the music present is screened with utmost care. The application requires an internet connection either wifi or 3G to stream music. But it allows the user to freely download music files that can be accessed easily and can be played when the user is offline. The downloads are in a separate dedicated folder. One can import music files and listen to them whenever they like. It has a user friendly interface and requires permission to access media files, storage files and internet connectivity files. It also provides premium services paying a little amount. One can use these by subscribing to the developer’s subscription plan. The advanced features include no advertisements.

Yandex Music Apk